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Efficient, Effective IT Support From Ti Systems

With a 24/7 support desk for our valued clients, we’re there for your IT needs when and where you require them.

Managed IT Support - Fixed Price & Unlimited IT Support

IT is not a one-size-fits-all

Are you tired of your IT support bills stacking up? Then our unlimited fixed-price service is the solution for your business. This personalised offering allows you to call on Ti Systems whenever you need us, and without the unnecessary expenditure that comes with other retainers.

Ti Systems managed services include:


Hardware Procurement And Configuration

Ti Systems will advise, supply, and integrate new hardware into the existing infrastructure of your home or business. Our IT support Perth specialists will assess your requirements and provide the best solution for your network ecosystem and budget.


Virtual & Physical Server Management

No matter the size of your staff or operations, Ti Systems will install, manage, and configure both cloud and on-premises servers, hassle-free and efficiently.[/three_fourth_last]


Online Security & Threat Protection

The threat of cyber criminality has grown exponentially. Ti Systems’ proactive services and advanced knowledge of industry technology will ensure your infrastructure and the valuable data it contains is robust and secure. [/three_fourth_last]


Data Recovery

Data is the currency that makes the digital world go ‘round, and the loss of it — due to corruption, deletion, or server malfunction — can seriously hamper a business’s daily operations. Ti Systems will put measures in place to ensure that your vital data is never lost, and always safe.[/three_fourth_last] 

24x7 Help Desk Support

Providing 24×7 IT help desk support means that we can ensure that you are never left wandering what to do next.

We make sure we are available, as the description suggests – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, no matter what.  our support team are available when you need the help the most,!

Although we manage, back-up, and update your systems in the background 24×7, we do know that IT issues can be unpredictable and can happen at any time. Hackers attack, viruses take hold, data can be comprised, or you just might need some help installing a program or adding a printer. Whatever the issue, you know you have backup available at any time you are working and for any IT emergency. This is why we provide this service to our managed IT support clients as well as casual clients.

Why a 24×7 IT support help desk?

Being here every hour of the day means our experienced people make sure your business IT is running efficiently. We make the time to understand your business and we tailor your IT needs to suit. This ensures that you receive a personalised IT plan with minimal hassle 100% of the time. It also means we deliver only the solutions you need, and we don’t waste your time or money on services you don’t need. The benefits of a managed fixed-price managed IT Support service mean that you pay a flat-fee monthly, and proceed to call us whenever you need, no questions asked.

Call us to today to see how little the cost is to have your entire network monitored and supported 24 hours – 7 Days a week.
Phone: 1300 21 21 20


One Hour Response Time

Don’t be stuck in a situation where your business is left waiting for help for hours on end.

Not only are we available 24×7 to support your IT needs, we also respond within one-hour. TI Systems knows the sense of urgency you feel when you need help on your business network. So we ensure that our experienced people are ready to give you a response to your IT issue within one-hour of you contacting us.

Minimal downtime and maximum resolution speed

We know that you don’t need downtime when it comes to operating your business that’s why we provide you with options for contact via phone or email. Our aim is to return to you with a solution or answer to your query as soon as possible within that first hour from contact.

Our proven diagnostic and repair methods, combined with our knowledge of your business and continuous back-up and maintenance allow us to pin point where your issue is coming from quickly. Our resolution rate at that first call is high, with us being able to provide a solution within the hour. If we are unable to resolve your issue immediately, you will always be updated on the progress of your IT work order at all times. Our experienced team will work on your IT issue to find the best solution with a sense of urgency that is vital in today’s business world.

Find out more about our One Hour Response Time

You can rest assured TI Systems always has your back when it comes to fast turn-around and response times. If you’d like to talk more about our IT support and managed IT services, contact us today on 1300 21 21 20 or email for a speedy reply.

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