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Cloud IT Services

We understand that IT needs differ across all businesses. However, we also know what all businesses need from their data storage – flexibility, reliability, and security. Cloud computing services can offer all of these in one easy package.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing, or “the cloud” is a data storage and networking solution which utilises remote servers to store, manage, and process your data as opposed to having your physical computer or on-site server do this job. Many businesses find it much more convenient and secure to operate off the cloud and don’t look back once converted!

Flexibility on the cloud

Once you have converted to using cloud services for your business you will find that it’s easy to add data, switch systems, add programs or users, and access your data from just about anywhere on any device. Using a cloud system is perfect for those with multiple locations, or those who have employees working from home at times or over multiple devices.
Reliable cloud services
Your data will automatically back up, programs will be up to date at all times, and you will always have IT support at hand from TI Systems if you have any questions. You will also find that cloud services with TI Systems are cost effective due to not having to constantly call out your IT providers to come out to visit and fix individual computers. Cloud computing allows TI Systems to log in remotely and solve your issues off-site with minimal cost to you.

Secure cloud services

TI Systems ensure that your cloud system is secure and that your data has a maximum level of protection. Cloud computing services from TI Systems provide specialised Enterprise Endpoint protection and extensive anti-malware to keep your business protected from hackers, data loss, and viruses.

By employing managed cloud computing services you will be giving your business the best possible chance if something does go wrong. If your office is broken into and your computers are stolen, you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected on our TI Systems cloud remotely. Your data will remain intact, and any offenders will not be able to access it.


Our cloud solutions can help your business grow without big upfront costs. Cloud computing, being off-site and online managed data storage, management, and processing, means that you can effectively streamline your business and allow it to become scalable, very quickly.

Will cloud computing suit my business?

Cloud computing will suit most businesses which require a flexible and high-security data arrangement. If you:

  • Have staff operating on the road or from different offices,
  • Have a high-speed internet connection, or
  • Use large files or require specific software daily,

Then cloud computing will be perfect for you. It will allow your workers to operate from multiple devices from any location, will easily store and back up your data securely, and will allow you greater storage more cost effectively.

Here are some of the benefits which our cloud computing clients are enjoying right now:

  • Low cost network, data storage and management – By engaging cloud computing you will be saving costs during the set up of new hires, adding new software on each computer, and on storage back-up from each individual computer also. You can stop forking out cash for expensive servers and hardware straight away.
  • Cloud computing is reliable – When you have your equipment in a cloud environment, local issues such as power, internet drop offs, back up of files, and upgrades are not a factor. Also the security of knowing your data and company can continue to work around the clock is a great piece of mind.
  • Cloud computing is scalable – Cloud computing allows your business to grow quickly. You won’t need to outlay large costs to increase your data, server, or network needs. All you need to do is call TI Systems and we will instantaneously upgrade your needs at a much lesser rate than if you had to deal with individual computers and on-site computing issues.
  • Get mobile – No matter where your staff are working from, or which device they are using – the business network will always be available to work on. This allows for greater productivity for your staff, translating to greater profitability for your business.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of cloud computing for your business or talk about managed IT solutions, contact Ti Systems today for an obligation free quote on 1300 21 21 20 or email for a speedy response from one of our gurus.

If you’d like more information about cloud services or managed IT services for your business contact us today on 1300 21 21 20 or email today.