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We understand that IT needs differ across all businesses. However, we also know what all businesses need from their data storage – flexibility, reliability, and security. Cloud computing services can offer all of these in one easy package.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing, or “the cloud”, is a data storage and networking solution. Instead of having your physical computer or on-site server do the job, cloud IT services use remote servers to store, manage and process your data.

Flexibility on the cloud

Once your business has converted to using cloud IT services, you’ll find it easier to:

  • Add data
  • Switch systems
  • Add programs or users, and
  • Access your data wherever you are (and from most devices).

With such flexibility, it’s perfect for businesses with multiple offices, employees working from home or across multiple devices. Your data automatically backs up and your programs are always up-to-date. As a Ti Systems client, you’ll have 24/7 support for any questions, help with transferring to cloud management and in the event of a network failure.

Cloud services with Ti Systems are also cost-effective. You’ll never have to call out IT technicians to work on-site on individual machines. With cloud computing, we can log-in and assist you remotely — solving your issues off-site and with minimal cost to you.

Secure cloud services

The Ti Systems cloud management package ensures your data is secured with the highest level of protection. We provide specialised Enterprise Endpoint protection and extensive anti-malware to keep your business protected from hackers, viruses and data loss.

With cloud computing services, you give your business network the best chance of a fast recovery if something does go wrong. In fact, Ti Systems works on a subscription basis that ensures your IT network is maintained proactively to further minimise the risk.

  • Streamline & scale: Our cloud solutions help grow your business without massive costs, and keep things running efficiently. All it takes to increase your data, server or network capability is to call Ti Systems and request an upgrade.
  • Remain flexible: Cloud computing suits businesses requiring flexible and high-security data solutions. Accommodate remote employees, and easily access large files and specific software at the touch of a button.
  • Enjoy low-cost network, data storage & management:  Save yourself the set-up cost of new hires and the inconvenience of needing to back-up individual computers. You can also save yourself the cost of buying expensive servers and hardware.
  • Guarantee operations: Cloud computing is reliable. Local issues such as power outages, internet drop-offs, network viruses or back-dated upgrades are not an issue. Knowing that your data is secure and available 24/7 (much like our helpdesk) gives you peace of mind which you can pass on to your clients.
  • Get mobile & maximise productivity: Now your staff can access their files from anywhere, as your business network is always available. Look forward to the increased profits of a business that can now function in a decentralised way.

Contact us to learn more about cloud computing or for a no-obligation quote. Call us on 1300 21 21 20 or email and one of our consultants will be happy to help.

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