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Your IT Checkup


Our IT Audit and Review will provide you and your business with an overall view of your network, which will help establish the current level of:

  • Security
  • Failover & Redunancy
  • Speed & Effectiveness
  • Current State of your Network

During the Free IT Audit we will assess the following areas:

  • Review IT processes and make sure they are allowing staff to operate as required.
  • Review your current network and make sure it’s ready for your business growth.
  • Review Disaster Recovery Plan and make sure it’s ready to be implemented.
  • Check your IT Networks Security Setup and compliance with Standard Operating Practices.
  • Look at how much time and money is spent maintaining your current network and making this more cost effective.
  • Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of your IT environment is cost effective.
  • Checking your IT equipments age, and its functionality to make sure it’s still doing what’s required for your business.

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